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February 17 at 09:35
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Senior Food

Hello everyone. It's been a loooong time since I visited this site. Murphy, my JRT will be 7 years old on the 19th and I know for some breeds, its is considered "senior". But since terriers usually have a long life span, is this different for them? And when do you switch from adult dog food to senior? Thanks!

Sailor and Spud
February 25 at 15:49
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I feed my boys Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Grain Free food.
It is Sweet Potato and Bison.
Most of the Natural Balance foods say they are for puppies through seniors.
I think the idea of a senior food is that there are fewer calories for dogs that may be less active. But I've found most of the highest quality foods are formulated for puppies through seniors so you should be okay with any of those foods.
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