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I want to move.... Reply to this Message
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June 02 at 21:38
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I want to move....

Olivia, Belle and Treasure, Phew...it feels like the tropics here, it is way to humid!! We had rain almost all day and it may come back tonight.....we want squirrel chasing weather!!!! This thunder and lightening is scary stuffs for a little one like me, especially when moms away at work! She should've stayed home anyway because she got a really nasty spring cold and her bark sounds worse than brother Jacks!!haha She had been using that 4-letter 'B' word around here so this postpones that....WE HATE THE BATH WORD!! But they are better than having a sick mom.

We still had a pretty good weekend around here, got to play outside a lot.
We hope your Mom had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and all of you had a fun weekend too!!!!

Penny, Jack and our Mom too

Belle, Treasure, Olivia
June 03 at 18:43
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Re: I want to move.... Reply to this Message

Penny and Jack--We know what you mean about wanting to move. It is getting soooo hot and humid here. Our mom has been laughing at us, because all we have wanted to do is lie around in the air conditioning. Even the squirrels around here have been lazy and summer is just beginning. We are ready for fall and squirrel hunting season, again!

We are so sad to hear that your Mommy has a bad cold. It would be neat to hear your Mommy "bark". We hope she gets feeling chipper really soon. We will keep our paws crossed for her. Our Mommy had a very nice birthday. It seems like she was gone to some dinner or something all weekend. Honestly, we are glad it is over with. Now we can have some peace and quiet. Our golden sister, Gracie, had a birthday the weekend before. That was really neat, because we got to celebrate along with her. We even got a special treat, yay.

We are glad you had a fun weekend. We will be glad when it is next weekend--Mommy said she will spend more time with us. Atleast, she got some good walks in with us last weekend. Belle didn't want to go on one, because she said Mom just wants to go too far sometimes.

Try to stay cool so we can all be fresh when Squirrel Hunting Season arrives.

Your buddies in hot GA!

Belle, Treasure, Olivia, and our Mommy too.
June 05 at 20:19
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Re: I want to move.... Reply to this Message

Westies3 and Mom, Debbie!

We wanted to say hello. Our mom's a little better and we're glad cuz it's almost the weekend. We can play play play!! IF, we don't get blowed away tonight!! More storms headed in here soon, we're under a tornado watch again. So mom, well be unplugging the computer. We don't remember it being like this before, at least not in recent years. It's almost every night!!

We hope your having fun!! Have a great weekend!!

Penny and Jack
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