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What is your favorite outdoor activity? Reply to this Message
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Belle, Treasure, Olivia
June 14 at 10:21
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What is your favorite outdoor activity?


Since it is summer, it is time to be outdoors. We say Yay, as we love the outdoors.

Our favorite thing to do outdoors is to go on walks of all kinds. We love to walk in our neighborhood, parks, and love to go to distant places to walk.

We also love to hunt for squirrels and any other little animal that might decide to come in our yard. This just brings us so much excitement that we can hardly contain ourselves.

We also love to lie in the sun and sit in the swing or glider with our Mommy.

What a wonderful time summer is! The three of us are wondering what are some of your favorite things to do outside. Do you like walking, chasing squirrels, sunning, lying in the shade, swimming, or something else?

Belle, Treasure, and Olivia

June 15 at 10:30
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Re: What is your favorite outdoor activity? Reply to this Message

We like all the same things as you!! Mom, usually just takes us to the park one at a time.....or just Jack. I don't like being on a leash and give her trouble. Jack, is good, he loves to walk and see all the kids and get pets.

We love playing with mom in the backyard....we play ball or frisbe, we make mom get exercise, we grab the ball or frisbe and run the other direction!!hahaha We know she needs the exercise and we want her to be heathy! We like it when she plays chase-a-dog and pretends she's going to get us, so we run and run.....she thinks it wears us down so we well sleep better. The neighbors, probably think she crazy, we never see them play with their dogs, so we think we are very lucky to have her as our mom!!

I don't lay in the sun like Jack does, he loves catching rays....is that a Westie thing? Hope your having a fun weekend!!

Your friend Penny
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