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August 19 at 11:34
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Mommy Says

Mommy says that I am her Little Princess. I just love to put on pretty things and go running to my mommy when she asks if I want to put on something pretty. I do a little dance for her and we shake paws--I am just sooo happy. I don't like to get my picture taken as much as Treasure and Olivia, but I told her she could when she put my little scrunchy on. It's colors are just perfect for a little princess.

August 19 at 22:17
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Oh, Belle you do look like a princess!! I am never happy about wearing clothes but sometimes mom insists. My brother Jack acts all goofy when he's got even a scarf on, he prances around like he thinks he's a king or the most handsum dog ever!!! Good grief!! His ego is way to big. Thank your Mom for sharing your beautiful photos! We'll bark back at you later!

Your friend, Penny
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