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August 19 at 11:54
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I Try

I lay here in my little car seat that my mommy puts next to the door so I can watch the squirrels and guard our house. She doesn't know that I also use it to try to make her stay at home with my sisters and me.

First of all I don't understand why she has to go to work, because there is plenty of work to do right at home--like take us for walks and throw the ball for us. When she says it's time to go to work, I jump in my little bed and give her a look that I know she can't resist. I think it almost works, because she tells me that she loves me and gives me a pat on the head and a rub under my chin and says I will be back as soon as possible. I think she should stay at home with me and my sisters, don't you?

August 19 at 22:07
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Hey, Treasure, it's me Jack and I call it the other.....4-letter word......'WORK'!!! I lay my head down and try to give mom the saddest look I can muster but she goes to 'THAT' place anyway! I would like to go there just once to see why she thinks she has to go there most days. There can't be anything there as sweet and nice as us puppers!!! I'm sure of it because sometimes she comes home all grumpy!!

Mom, says she sure can tell looking into your beautiful face why your Mom would call you treasure, it's a great photo of you!!

Your Pal, Jack
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