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September 07 at 20:58
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My Birthday

My birthday was on Friday,I am now 10 years old! My mom says the time has flown by and it doesn't seem like I should be 10 already. I had a quiet day with mom and Jack and was treated like a little princess...I just wish mom wouldn't sing Happy Birthday so much, she's a little hard on the ears!!!! Someone needs to be kind and tell her she can't really sing very well but it won't be me!!!! I got a new toy to hold when I'm nervous, during thunder and other scary stuff. I got a little tee-shirt and a hamburger to split with Jack.....we don't get people food except on very special occasions. Of coarse more hugs from mom than I could count!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Belle, Treasure, Olivia
September 07 at 21:37
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Re: My Birthday Reply to this Message

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PENNY! A grand 10 years old! Me, Belle, and you have birthdays really close. I will be 9 on the 30th.

We are glad you had a wonderful birthday. It sounds like your mommy gave you a very special time. Our mommy does goofy things to us like sing real loud or treat us like little babies. She tells us it is just because she loves us so much. That is what your mommy was doing--showing you just how much she loves you, because you are such a special girl. You need to tell our mommy to give us a hamburger sometime! She has never done that for us. Your mommy must love you a whole lot! Sounds like you got a really nice toy too.

We are sending you a little picture card of Olivia singing Happy Birthday to you! It's in dog language! We hope you like it.

Have a really good day tomorrow and tell Jack we said hi!

Your little Westie Friends,

Belle, Treasure, Olivia, and our mommy--Debbie

September 08 at 21:37
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Re: My Birthday Reply to this Message

We, me and Mom really like that picture! Thank you for the wishes. I don't feel any older, yet! Our moms do-do silly things to show they love us. I really like it when she's silly and talks funny to me but I try to pretend I'm all grown up and just think she's a silly mom!

Belle, we will look forward to hearing about your big day soon!! I didn't realize we were so close in age.

Hope your having a great evening! Look forward to talking to you soon!!

Jack sends, Hi's to everyone too.

Penny, Jack and mom, Cora too!
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